About Lou Riddle Construction

Get to know Lou Riddle

Recognized by construction professionals throughout San Diego County as an elite-level framing contractor, Lou brings 30 years of framing expertise to every project. He has mastered every detail and nuance of the framing process, and his involvement in the project ensures accuracy and efficiency from estimating to completion.  


We are inspired by the challenge of blending the art and science of framing into an unmatched product.

For 30 years now, our commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship has resulted in some of the finest residences in the world.


Lou Riddle Construction is synonymous with both innovative framing techniques and a dedication to the traditional artistry of the trade. 

Always reaching for the highest degree of accuracy, we use only the highest grade products in combination with state of the art tools and equipment. From rigorously prepared material take-offs to driving the last nail, an unrivaled level of precision to every project.


Getting the project done in a professional and timely manner is our highest priority.

Once the layout phase is complete – meaning all openings, heights, and details have been imposed onto the foundation – our average rate of completion is 1,000 square feet per week.